Upcoming AHB50 Events

TRB Visibility Symposium @ the European Road Conference, October 22-24, 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Automated Vehicle Symposium AVS 2018, July 9-12, 2018
Hilton Union Square, San Francisco

Mid-Year Meeting

The Traffic Control Devices Committee (AHB50) held a mid-year meeting on August 8th, 2018. View meeting minutes and download slides here.

TRB Annual Meeting – January 8, 2018
8:00 AM -12:00 PM
AHB 50 – Traffic Control Devices Standing Committee

See committee meeting agenda and minutes here

AHB50 is also co-sponsoring a Human Factors Workshop on Wrong-Way Driving to be held on January 7, 2018.
See workshop agenda here

AHB50 has submmited an application for the 2018 TRB Technical Activities Council Blue Ribbon Award based on the Traffic Control Device Challenge.

View our nomination letter here

Traffic Control Devices (TCD) is a technical standing committee AHB50 of the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academies. TCD is concerned with the development, design, application, and evaluation of traffic control devices, and their effect on traffic operation and safety. Additional committee information can be found here.

The Traffic Control Devices Committee members are listed on the Member Information page. Anyone interested in Traffic Control Devices Committee is welcome to become a Friend of the Committee. You can sign up on the Membership page.

Committee communication takes place primarily through our E-mail list (Listserv). Please sign up to join the list if you haven’t yet done so. Members and Friends who have already signed up and do not receive email from the list, please notify the Webmaster.

Dr. Paul Carlson & Dr. Timothy Gates
Cochairs, AHB50