2017 TRB – Annual Meeting

AHB50 – Traffic Control Devices
Annual Meeting – January 9, 2017, 8:00 – 10:00 AM
Marriott Marquis, Marquis Ballroom Salon 9
Meeting Minutes

Download PDF – AHB50 Meeting Minutes – TRB 2017

1. Welcome and introductions (Carlson & Gates)
• Started at 8:05 pm
• Introductions of committee members and friends
• Circulation of the meeting minutes
• Reviewed the mission statement
• Launched a new website, thanks to Cole Fitzpatrick and Ian McKinnon!
• Opportunities to build

2. Staff report (Cunard)
• The 100 year anniversary will take place in 2020
• The first meeting had 32 people in attendance
• Welcome to the annual meeting
• Attendance is 6-7% higher this year. Likely more than 14,000 by the end of the week
• Passcode is: Annual2017
• Just under 6,000 papers submitted in 2017
• Nearly 750 papers submitted in the operations section
• TRR this year Congress re-budgeted about 7 million reductions in TRR. The papers will all be published digitally. Individual papers will be published as they are ready.

3. Section report (Bertini)
• Chair of the operations section, 13 committees and 1 task force
• 2 blue ribbon award winners, encourage AHB50 to be the next award winner
• 2018 Theme: Transportation: Moving the Economy Forward
• Challenge each of us to find one first year member, and ask them how they are doing
• Continue to think about diversifying the committee membership in terms of age, gender, internationally, etc.

4. Paper review update (Gates)
• 34 papers submitted
• 162 completed reviews from 173 assigned reviews
• 1 selected for publication, 9 more in re-review for 5 slots to TRR
• Thanks to everyone who participated in the paper review process.
• Need 2-3 re-reviews per paper, papers will be sent via email within 1 week of TRB, re-reviews will be due back on Jan 27, with Final decisions

5. Paper publication committee (Gates)
• Best Paper Award
• Title: Signs of the Times: Empirical Assessment of Legibility of Highway Gothic and Clearview Signage Fonts
• Authors: Dobres, Chrysler, Wolfe, Chahine, and Reimer
• An award presentation was made by Tim Gates to Dobres and Chrysler

6. Committee membership status (Gates)
• Need to rotate 1/3 of membership this year
• 19 members (25)
• 2 emeritus members
• 1 young member < 35 (4)
• 2 international members (5)
• Membership entails helping with the paper review process, we have friends that help as well, attendance at the annual meeting, and possibly the mid-year meeting
• If you are interested, please send Paul or Tim an email
• For new membership, can we bring in voting members to argue on behalf of TCD related membership

7. Review of sponsored sessions (Carlson)
• Event 131 – Doctoral Student Research in Operations & Control (W), Sun 9-12
• Keep experimenting with the format
• 12 doctoral students presented
• 8 min presentations per student
• The session was well attended, with approximately 50 participants across the board
• Consider awarding a “best presentation award”
• Consider if a “hybrid session” might be a good format
• Event 138 – Simulator-based CMFs (W), Sun 9-12
• Four very good presentations
• Covered a spectrum of CMF introduction
• How could you use simulators to contribute to the development of CMFs
• Approximately 40 people in attendance
• Event 389 – Infrastructure Impacts of Automated Vehicles (P), Mon 1:30-3:15
• Standing room only attendance
• Event 468 – Signs of the Times (L), Mon 6-7:30
• Cole Fitzpatrick will be presiding over the session
• Event 650 – TCD Challenge (P), Tues 1:30-3:15
• Need approximately 6-12 judges
• Event 732 – TCD Technologies (P), Tues 3:45-5:30
• Event 766 – Changing the Culture of Transportation Research (L), Tues 6-7:30

8. Review of inaugural TCD Challenge (Carlson)
• The 9 posters will be evaluated, of which 3 will be selected as prize winners
• Need approximately 6-12 judges to help evaluate the posters

9. Webinars
• October 2016 – State DOT Perspective on Signs & Markings (with AHD55)
• A near record attendance for TRB webinars in 2016
• Focused on Retro management for State DOTs
• Future ideas
• Expanding on this year’s session about research culture?
• The impacts on the delay in the MUTCD?
• What do practicing engineers need in lieu of a new MUTCD?
• Should states that do not have supplements, adopt supplements to advance the state of TCDs.
• Should other organizations prepare interim recommendations to help advance the state of the practice.
• What would the best venue be for a discussion of this sort? Perhaps a panel discussion during TRB? To build momentum, there may be an opportunity for the mid-year TCD committee meeting.
• If the TCD committee does not advance the state of the practice, we risk the chance of losing relevance…
• Assigning markings related to Diverging Diamond Interchanges, or super streets?
• Perhaps think about building a synthesis problem statement on signage and marking standards for innovative interchanges and intersections?
• Perhaps we could use this as the topic for the TCD challenge next year?
• How do we continue to keep traffic engineering relevant in a distant future with fully automated vehicles? TRB does not have a committee on traffic engineering.

10. TCD research update (Carlson)
• 5 statements are currently being considered by NCHRP
• Uniform Guidelines for LED signs
• Design and Operation of Bicycle Signals
• Understanding the Physical Highway Infrastructure Needs to Support AV Technologies
• Signing for Restricted Sight Distance at Vertical Curves
• Markings for Managed Lanes, Toll Plazas, and Active Travel and Demand Mgmt (ATDM) Operations.
• Discussion: TCD Research needs and opportunities
• Generally, the committee has produced one funded project per year
• Moving forward, we will build a function into the website to share these with the broader community
• In the coming year, we will be asked to rank order this list to support decision making by AASHTO and others
• Synthesis Proposal: Assessment of Transportation Research Culture proposed by Johnathan UpChurch?
• Why is it that in medicine there is significant support for replication of research but in transportation it is considered a waste of time.

11. Future committee activities (Carlson & Gates)
• Continue Doctoral Student Session
• Should we consider an alternative presentation medium?
• Should we consider an award presentation?
• Blue Ribbon Award Ideas
• Submitted a doctoral student session for this award
• Consider a different package around the TDC challenge
• Mid-Year meeting TBD
• We tried this last year, and had mild success
• AVS 17 has a slot held for us for a workshop or breakout session, but we need to decide if we want to move forward with this
• AHB50 has been operating an infrastructure breakout session
• Last year the session included (physical infrastructure, work zones, digital infrastructure (mapping))
• How sensors see and sense the roadway / roadside?
• More focus on the mapping aspect?
• How are inventories managed and update as TCD standards?
• How are work zones integrated and considered?
• Roadway classification levels to complement SAE automation
• What does a level 2 or level 4 roadway look like?
• What does an automated lane look like?
• ***Are there any volunteers to take this task over?
• Freeway operations chair was very supportive and encouraging a volunteer to move this activity forward
• Consider collaborating with Freeway Operations for a workshop meeting
• Scott K., volunteered to craft an infrastructure session
• Year 2 of TCD Challenge
• 12 submissions
• 9 submissions were deemed qualified to participate in the session
• The focus of the challenge was TCDs for CV-AV technologies
• Do we tweak the program?
• David Hurwitz, Adam, Donna volunteered to participate
• TCD-Visibility Symposium – TTI, Spring 2018
• Try to do add an innovative TCD thread to the conference
• ***Need members to participate on the planning committee
• What should the structure look like?
• Tentative to host it
• The plan would be a series of conference calls, and TTI would support the endeavor
• Mike Knodler, David Noyce, and Kent volunteered to participate
• TCD Website
• TCD committee Listserve
• This is the primary means for communication with the members and friends
• Other

12. Updates
• FHWA MUTCD Update (Sylvester)
• SNPA is being published on Maintaining Minimum Retroreflectivity
• The proposal is to set the compliance date 4 years from the date of publication
• Public comments are being sought now, and are due May 4, 2017
• Review and comment here: FHWA-2009-0139
• NCHRP Update (Derr)
• FHWA TCD‐Pooled Fund Study Update (Shurbutt)

13. Adjourn