2020 TCD Challenge Finalists

 2020 Theme – “Connected and Autonomous Innovations for Improving Work Zone Safety”

  •  Event 1252 – 4th Annual TCD Student Challenge, Salon B Convention Center, Mon 1:30 PM – 3:15 PM


  • An Integrated Work Zone Safety System for Connected and Automated Vehicles – Florida International University (Cecilia Kadeha, Angela Kitali)
  •  “Connected” Temporary Traffic Control Devices – Oregon State University (Travis Larson, Cameron Bennett, Dylan Horne, Joe Neils, Amy Wyman)
  • Active Connected Work Zone Variable Speed Limit Warning System – Michigan State University (Nusayba Megat-Johari)
  • §  Smart Speed Limiter (SSL) for Improved Safety in Work Zone Areas – Michigan State University (Nischal Gupta)
  • 3D Work Zone Safety System – Deter, Detect, and Defense – Auburn University (Chennan Xue)
  • Crash Preventive Cell Phone Holder – University of Minnesota (Meekyung Lee)
  • Application of Auditory Signals to Improve Work Zone Safety – Auburn High School (Nikitha Sridhar, Michael Zhou)