2020 TCD Challenge Winners

2020 TCD Challenge Winners

TCD Challenge Winners and Committee at the 2020 TRB Annual Meeting

AHB50 is proud to announce the winners of this year’s TCD Challenge with a theme of “Connected and Autonomous Innovations for Improving Work Zone Safety”.The three finalists were selected during the TRB Annual Meeting in early January in Washington, D.C. and traveled to ATSSA’s 50th Annual Convention & Traffic Expo, held Jan. 24-28, 2020 in New Orleans, to present their concepts during a Traffic Talk. Read more here.

Three Winners at ATSSA 50th Annual Convention  in New Orleans

1st Place ($1,500)

Title: “Connected’ Temporary Traffic Control Devices”

Student: Travis Larson

School: Oregon State University


2nd Place ($1,000)

Title: “Active Connected Work Zone Variable Speed Limit Warning System”

Student: Nusayba Megat-Johari

School: Michigan State University

3rd Place ($500)

Title: “Crash Preventive Cell Phone Holder”

Student: Ellie Lee

School: University of Minnesota