2012 TRB – Annual Meeting

Download PDF – AHB50 Meeting Agenda – January 2012

Download PDF – AHB50 Meeting Minutes – January 2012

Agenda and Meeting Minutes:

TRB Committee AHB50

Monday, January 23, 2012
8:00 AM to Noon
Marriott Washington B1
Introductions and General Information

  1. Call to Order and Welcome   (David Noyce)

2. Committee introductions   (David Noyce)

Recognition of emeritus committee members

3. Approval of the 2011 TRB meeting minutes             (Committee)

Kim Eccles motioned to approve the meeting minutes. Tim Cox seconded this motioned. Minutes approved by the committee.

4. Status Report from TRB Staff             (Rich Cunard)

Rich mentioned special session from 10:30 – 12 noon on Wednesday in Salon 3.

Last year was a TRB annual meeting attendance record with 11,000 attendees. This year will likely be slightly under 11,000.

Compendium and presentations is available for download.

Compendium DVDs from 2011 and 2012 are available for purchase this year.

Over 90,000 visitors to the TRB compendium webpage last year.

The TRB daily email is being sent on a daily basis. TRB would like feedback as to whether this is worthwhile.

4,300 papers submitted this year, which was the most submissions in TRB history. 63% of all papers will be presented as posters this year.

Wardman Towers will be converted to condos. TRB is looking at the convention center for a potential new venue. This may increase the costs.

5. Report from TRB Section Representative             (Pete Briglia)

6. Review Committee Mission             (David Noyce)

7. Results of the 2011-12 Paper Review Process             (David Noyce)

All TRB Papers Year
2009 2010 2011 2012
Total Received 3384 3694 3900 ~4,300
Total Presented 1882 (55.6%) 2190 (59.3%) 2322 (60%)
Papers in Presentation 900 (47.8%) 921 (43.1%) 912 (39%)
Papers in Posters 952 (50.6%) 1232 (56.3%) 1352 (58%) ~60%
AHB50 Papers Year
2010 2011 2012
Total Received 38 33 27
Total Presented 27 26 23
Papers in Presentation 0 4 5
Papers in Posters 27 22 18
Total Reviews 156/194 (4.1/paper) 145/163 (>4/paper) 129/135 (4/paper)
Total published 21 resubmitted – ~9 to be published (25%) 22 resubmitted – ~8 to be published 16 resubmitted – ~7 to be published

8. Other Papers Information             (David Noyce)

– Paper review process improvements

Kim Eccles recommended providing a sample review template for the uninformed or novice reviewer.

David Noyce provided a summary of the paper reviews.

– Review membership list

– Paper award submission

One of the TCD papers received the Grant Mickle paper award in 2011. David is unsure if we will put forward a paper for the award this year. Ultimately will depend on the final reviews.

– Practice ready papers

The reviewers rate the papers as to their “practice readiness”. David is unsure as to how the final decisions are made with respect to the practice readiness.

9. TRB AHB50 sessions this week

Summary of Ph.D. Student Session  (Mike Knodler)

12 papers were presented. The quality of the presentations were good. Attendance fluctuated and peaked around 70-80 attendees.

Summary of Signing and Marking Management: Best Practices and Safety Benefits (Co-sponsored with AHD55 and AND40)

Session was well attended. Topics were very well focused towards practical matters.

Poster Session – 342 – Advances in Traffic Control Devices

Monday 2:00 to 3:45 PM – Marriott     (David Noyce)

Podium Session – 436 – The Yellow Change Interval TCD Dilemma

Monday 7:30 to 9:30 PM – Marriott   (David Noyce)

10. Recognition of Committee Contribution            (David Noyce)

Mike Knodler and Gene Hawkins were provided with special recognition for their service to the committee.

Brainstorming Discussion on TCDs

11. Triennial Strategic Plan             (David Noyce)

One particular item of planning interest is “What will the MUTCD and traffic control devices look like in the future?” The following two presentations will provide stimulus for brainstorming purposes towards this topic.

Scott Kuzniki commented that it’s important to remember that the signs and markings are never perfectly maintained and will create a problem with maintaining uniformity.

Carl Anderson commented that vehicle manufacturers and the FHWA are working with vehicles and infrastructure to the vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. The goal of NHTSA is to have each vehicle know precisely where it is located on the roadway system and with respect to other vehicles using GPS. GPS correction systems will be placed at each major intersection to help keep the information fresh and updated. A trial system will be demonstrated in Ann Arbor, Michigan this year. TCD committee should begin to liaison more with the ITS committee moving forward. Eventually, these types of OEM and aftermarket applications will be commonplace. V to I and V to V communications will be federally mandated for vehicles at some point in the future.

Scott Wainwright commented that we can’t have a fully automated system unless pedestrians and bicyclists are accounted for.

Ernie Huckaby commented that power outages may cause problem for such a system.

Ken Kobetsky suggested that right now it’s fairly expensive to obtain vehicles with even low-level safety or parking assist control systems.

12. Presentation – Active Traffic Management TCDs     (Brian Phillips)

See presentation slides

13. Presentation – The Future of TCDs     (Gene Hawkins)

See presentation slides

14. White Paper and Symposium Development   (David Noyce)

David is taking volunteers for help with white paper development. Melissa Finley and Scott Nodes have volunteered to assist with white paper development.

Looking Ahead to 2012

15. New Initiative – Design Competition  (Martin Pietrucha)

See presentation slides. Post presentation discussion suggested that perhaps we do this at TRB 2014 as a trial. We will look to include other committees and sponsors.

16. Committee Research Coordinator    (Mike Knodler)

17. Research Needs Statements     (David Noyce)

http://rns.trb.org     (Kim Eccles)

Statements need to be reconfirmed once every 3 years or they are deleted. Kim distributed copies of research problem statements that she had developed for review by the committee. Topics included speed, signalized intersections, unsignalized intersections, curves, and school zones.

18. FHWA MUTCD Team   (Scott Wainwright)

See presentation for more details.

Federal rulemaking update:

  • Definition of standard and use of engineering judgment (rule should be coming soon)
  • MUTCD Compliance dates (44/52 have adopted)
  • Maintaining pavement marking retroflectivity

Standard Highway Signs and Markings Book (SHSM) still has not yet been released

NACTO design guide for bicycle TCDs was discussed.

19. Committee/Agency Liaisons       (David Noyce)

We need to strengthen our relationships with other committees. David presented four committees that we have typically been partnered with in the past:

  • Signing and Marking Materials
  • Visibility
  • Traffic Signal Systems
  • Work Zone Traffic Control

Bryan Katz: User information systems

?: Suggested Freeway operations

Scott K: New subcommittee on low volume road planning and programming?

20. Other Discussion Items       (David Noyce)

  • 2013 Annual Meeting Sessions/Workshops
  • Specific paper topic call
  • Web Conference Ideas
  • TRNews paper reviewers
  • TRB webinars

Webinars are well liked. David plans to continue this format.

21. Midyear Meeting Selection         (David Noyce)

Innovations in Traffic Flow Theory, Highway Capacity, and Quality of Service Symposium

June 19-22, Fort Lauderdale, FL

4th Urban Street Symposium

June 24-27, 2012, Chicago


June 17-22, Orlando, FL

A show of hands revealed that an overwhelming majority of committee members plan to attend this meeting compared to the other options.

ITE Midyear Meeting

August 12-15, Atlanta, GA


22. Subcommittee on emeritus members

David will be asking subcommittee for potential recommendations for emeritus members.

23. Committee News     (David Noyce)

Committee membership

– 1+ positions for international member

David observed less activity from international members. However, the number of young members   slots has increased from 2 to 4 members. David is looking to fill our additional slots as we only    currently have 1 young member.

Committee web site and listserv



Communication Melissa Finley

Melisa Finley commented on communication, particularly social media (Facebook). It doesn’t seem to be that popular for most of the current committee membership but will become more so in        the future.

24. Other Business

25. Announcements

26. Adjourn

Adjourned 11:00 AM