Traffic Control Device Challenge – 2018

The objective of the Traffic Control Device Challenge (TCDC) is to promote innovation and stimulate ideas in the traffic control devices area with a goal to improve operations and safety. The challenge is sponsored by and conducted cooperatively by the Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on Traffic Control Devices (AHB50) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

The second annual TCDC was held at the 97th Annual Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Members and friends of the committee judged the presentations. The top 3 teams received travel accommodations to present their idea at the ATSSA Annual Convention & Traffic Expo. This year’s challenge was centered around the development of an innovative strategy to combat the problem of Wrong Way Driving.

First Place: Comprehensive System of Pavement Markings and Signage to Deter Wrong-Way Drivers

Authors: Danielle Berman, Owen Hitchcock, Kristin Kersavage, Lingyu Li, Kan Wu

Pennsylvania State University

Second Place: In-Roadway Warning Lights for Wrong-Way Detection and Prevention

Authors: Hisham Jashami, Zachary Barlow, Ellen Simpson, Logan Scott-Deeter

Oregon State University

Third Place: Audible Warning Device for Wrong Way Drivers

Authors: Elizabeth Farr, Robert Gallup, Katy Harlan, Jacob Kaltenbronn, Kaitlin Windsor

University of Missouri