Traffic Control Device Challenge – 2017

The objective of the Traffic Control Device Challenge (TCDC) is to promote innovation and stimulate ideas in the traffic control devices area with a goal to improve operations and safety. The challenge is sponsored by and conducted cooperatively by the Transportation Research Board Standing Committee on Traffic Control Devices (AHB50) and the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA).

The first annual TCDC was held at the 96th Annual Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington DC. The committee received 12 submissions and selected 8 teams to present their ideas during a poster sessions. Members and friends of the committee judged the presentations. The top 3 teams received travel accommodations to present their idea at the ATSSA Annual Convention & Traffic Expo.

[Finalist] Electronic Beacon to Guide Autonomous Vehicles through Work Zones – Owen Hitchcock, Kristin Kersavage, Lingyu Li, Xiao Liang and Xu Lin – Penn State University

2017-01-10 14.45.32

[Finalist] The New Generation Steering Wheel Cover – Jelena Karapetrovic – New Mexico State University

2017-01-10 14.19.59

[Finalist] The Pima County Split-Face Marker (“County Marker”), An Alternative to a Double-Yellow Marker – Garrett Anderson, Vince Morello, Lindsay Wellman – Pima County DOT / University of Arizona

2017-01-10 14.18.46

V2Me Messenger System – Zhu Qing, James Hopfenblatt, Ehsan Naderi – University of Missouri-Columbia

2017-01-10 14.33.23

Design of Directional Rumble Strips for Deterring Wrong-way Freeway Entries – Chennan Xue, Dan Xu, Raghu Baireddy, Lingling Yang – Auburn University

2017-01-10 13.51.01

Improving Right-of-Way Negotiation between Pedestrians and Autonomous Vehicles – Masoud Ghodrat Abadi, David Covey, Cadell Chand – Oregon State University

2017-01-10 14.19.07

Supplemental Warning Traffic Signal to Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety – Ibrahim Alsghan – University of Wisconsin – Madison

2017-01-10 14.26.33

Mobile Distraction Mitigation System – Aleksander Venturino – Purdue University

2017-01-10 13.55.28